Penshoppe DNMLab

Penshoppe Denim Lab 2017

International casualwear brand Penshoppe has released new denim silhouettes—and they made sure they have something for everyone. From vintage slim, skinny, and super skinny for the ladies, to skinny, super skinny, carrot cut, and slim for the guys, the international brand has released a myriad of new options under its Denimlab line to appeal to a wider market and offer something to its current loyal customers.

“Penshoppe has always been very vocal about its vision to provide everyone with easy access to fashionable clothes that are no-nonsense,” shares Jeff Bascon, Brand Director of Penshoppe. “Trendy, functional and flattering, these new denim pieces allow anyone to explore more styles and wear them confidently without sacrificing comfort.”

The new silhouettes come in different colors, finishes and textures, allowing Penshoppe to literally offer something for everyone—regardless of personal style or body type.

“We have more premium-looking denims now for men, with self-edge and a cleaner finish. We also now have super soft and smooth denims for women who want extra comfort or have sensitive skin. We’re also very proud to say that we have two new collections that make use of patented technology to provide ultimate comfort regardless of weather conditions and the activity you’re doing—those are the Coolmax® All Season Technology for men and Coolmax® Core Technology for women. Finally, we have the Re-Tooled collection, which features cut and sew jeans that are very popular among kids nowadays,” explains Bascon.

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